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"This webinar will provide insights on:

  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on immunization and vaccine confidence;
  • how to summarize evidence about these vaccines and present it in plain language;
  • how to communicate numbers and probabilities appropriately;
  • ways in which problems with communicating about uncertainty can be avoided;
  • using comparisons effectively;
  • countering misinformation;
  • tools and methods that can be used to craft and evaluate key messages before disseminating them; and
  • strategies to optimize vaccine conversations and build vaccine confidence to support continued immunization against all vaccine-preventable diseases."

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Using Effective Risk Communication to Increase Vaccination Rates

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Vaccination Decision Making,Vaccine Hesitancy,Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making,Misconceptions,Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake,Counselling and Communication,Monitoring and Surveillance,Outbreaks and Pandemics,COVID-19 Vaccination Decision Making
Vaccine Hesitancy
Understanding Hesitancy and Vaccine Decision Making
Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake
Counselling and Communication
Monitoring and Surveillance
Outbreaks and Pandemics


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